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Nashville | Tennessee


At Resolve, we’re passionate about working alongside ambitious government and industry leaders who are eager to make a difference. We seek to resolve issues that hinder government performance in order to inspire lasting change.


Resolve is more than just a name, it's the way we do business.  


We resolve problems.  Identifying blind spots and creating solutions to problems is our passion.  

Resolve Consulting’s combination of thought leadership, deep process expertise, and innovative technologies can help your team achieve measurable results. Here's how we do it:

Strategic Assessment

On day one, we will analyze your operations with a complete strategic assessment. This gives us a basic understanding of your organizational mission and goals.

Workforce Strategic Planning

Based on our analysis, we will formulate a series of comprehensive workforce strategic planning recommendations for presentation to you and your team.

Talent Management

Based on our recommendations, we work alongside your team to implement a formal plan. We help you create an environment of growth and learning to improve productivity.

But, why resolve the problem?

Why change the status quo?



From increased employee engagement to improved productivity, find out how Resolve can help your team thrive.

Contact us today to book a free consultation.